Missile Defense System In The US – How Would You Know?

There is an interesting quote used amongst intelligence professionals; “those that know aren’t talking and those who are talking don’t know” and with that said I have a question for you. You see, there has been a lot of talk out there that our elite national defense systems aren’t up to snuff, well, as per the media. Some say this is a bit of political propaganda by those in the defense industry over the “automatic trigger defaults” of sequestration, many scientists and they’ve been saying this for years believe that our missile defense shield is insufficient.Indeed I read an interesting piece in the Wall Street Journal on September 13, 2012 titled; “Federal Study Finds Flaws In Missile Interceptors,” Adam Entous, which discussed a paper which had just been released, 260 pages worth, about the capability of high-speed ground based missile defense systems and their ability to repel or shoot down an incoming Iranian long-range, Chinese technology or Russian based technology ICBM, which they have the schematics to make, although are still challenged with their rocketry.

Now then, let make a blunt statement. If Iran were to launch a missile attack on the United States, and if any missile ever made it to our shores and landed on our soil – there wouldn’t be an Iran anymore. See that point, and you know that the American People would call for immediate forfeiture of that Old Persian Empire forthwith and without reservation or hesitation.Interestingly enough, the day after that report was released the US did a practice launch of its Patriot Missile defense system, and launched another military satellite into space on just before Central Twilight. So, if anyone thinks the United States doesn’t have their act together with regards to rocketry or missile defense, they might want to rethink their delusional mindset if you know what I mean. Please be advised, the United States military and our top defense contractors are not novices.During the Cold War we had refined our technologies to an incredible degree, can you even imagine what they’re like today? It is absolutely inconceivable that our enemies might assume they could attack us successfully using intercontinental ballistic missiles. Not only that, if they tried, and when they failed, there would be hell to pay, and everyone on this planet knows it, should have known it, and there is no excuse for not having that knowledge.

Not only that, but the missile defense shields the United States military is capable of producing can be used to secure any country and any ally from any rogue nation attack. If Iran, North Korea, or any other nation thinks they’re going to play games, I can’t even conceive of the reciprocal response and what will happen when the US swings that bat, no wonder we speak so softly in international affairs. Unfortunately all that soft talk is making our enemies think we have soft bellies. We don’t. And that’s all you need to know.